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Many of you read The Crafty Mummy blog posts via email. How cool!

But you may have noticed a few little issues lately. The emails are sent out automatically by a service called Feedburner. I get a copy in my own email inbox so I can keep an eye on it. But I’ve noticed a few times recently that it might send a bunch of extra random posts as well as the most recent update. Sometimes it does this to my RSS feed too.

How frustrating!

I’ve spent hours trying to work out what is wrong with it and trying to fix it, but I can’t seem to solve it.

So I’m making a change.

I’m setting up a new email newsletter that will be much better.

  • It will arrive once a week instead of every time I post a new blog post
  • It will include links to all the recent posts so you can read them at your leisure
  • It will include some pretty photos (because I can’t write posts without pictures!!)
  • It will include some little extras especially for my email subscribers


In a week I’ll be moving all my current subscriber emails over to my new service with Aweber. Each of those readers will receive an email asking them to click on a link and confirm that they still want to receive my news and updates. Once they click on that link, they will automatically continue to receive emails from The Crafty Mummy.


What about my other readers?

Do you want to get my super special emails too? You can!

I already have a pretty new box in my sidebar or click on this link to find another sign up page. Then you too can read The Crafty Mummy in your Inbox – and read those special little extras that I’ll be adding in there.

I’m excited about this change! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and it’s going to be fun setting up something new! (Yes, I’m kind of odd like that – I love the techy stuff!)

So look out for the new Newsletter soon!


P.S. Like what you've read? Get all my Crafty Updates in your Inbox once a Week!

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  1. Nathan says

    I can’t wait to receive your first newsletter. I know that it will be a lot better than the Feedburner ones, since you have more control over the notification of your subscribers.

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