How to Add a Border in Picasa

how to add a border in Picasa

Quite a while ago now, I wrote a series of posts about how I edit photos using Picasa. Recently Picasa had an upgrade that added a bunch of great extra features and changed some of the original ones.

So this is an update:

How to add a Border to your Photographs in Picasa

how to add border picasa

I used to add a border by creating a collage. (You can still do that using this tutorial.) But now you can add a border in the Image Processing Tab (with the blue button). So open your photo, then click the blue tab.

image processing tab picasa

In that tab, choose the “Border” option.

how to add border picasa

The new border button, gives you great options. You have both an inner and outer border, and you can adjust the width of both. If you want only one border, just make both of them to same colour. To change the colour, click on the “rainbow” box near the top of the page. You can move the “dripper” over the colours in your photo to pick one of them or choose from the palette that pops up.

You can also adjust the space for the caption, and round the corners of the inner border and photo.

Once you’re happy with your adjustments, make sure you click “Apply” to save them. You have the option to “Undo” them later if you change your mind.

There are a few more new features in Picasa, but I’ll save them for another day. Have fun exploring!

Do you use Picasa? Which new features do you like?


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  1. Michael says

    Thank you! I looked all over and didn’t see where to create borders. I use Picasa for makings buttons, Tshirt and poster designs. I need to add borders to shrink the image but keep the same image color. This works great.

  2. says

    I love adding borders, the rounded corners make my photos look a little warmer :). I would love to learn how to use the batch feature, i.e. add my watermark text and border to a bunch of photos in one go – would save me a heap of time. Any tips appreciated, best wishes, Carina

  3. Julie says

    Great tips.:)

    If I create borders will I be able to have the text printed as well?

    I tried printing a couple at Boots yesterday but the grey & text was greyed out.

    I’m also having a hard time working out the colours, for example grey or white – I prefer white.

    I’d really appreciate some tips on this.:)

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