Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Have you checked out the Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2012 yet? There are 621 quilts linked up – Wow! You can vote for your favourite quilt by clicking on it at that page.

Here are some of my favourites – click on each picture to read more about them at their blogs.

blue green quiltblue white quilt
rainbow white quiltrainbow black quilt

rainbow zigzag quiltrainbow star quilt
rainbow zigzag quiltrainbow quilt
aqua brown quiltrainbow quilt


Hmmm… I seem to have a leaning towards rainbow quilts… on white backgrounds…

You can also vote for the quilts you like best in various categories at this page:

Have you entered one of your quilts? leave me a message so I can visit you too!


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  1. Claire says

    I do love quilting too. But never tried it before. Thanks that you’ve shared this with us. Looking forward for more awesome design.

  2. Jenn says

    Thanks so much for the mention! And many of your favorites are the same as mine. I love the bright cheery colors!

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