Guest Post: Handmade Gift Ideas from Amy

Tonya is celebrating her birthday this week and asked if I would like to help her celebrate.

I said yes, of course I would love to! Who doesn’t like celebrating a birthday?!

So I searched the web for some great handmade gift ideas that I would certainly create for her if I lived close by!

Here are a few that I came across on my search:

crafty gifts handmade

1. Baking Kit 2. & 12. Sprocket Pillow 3. Red Clutch Purse 4. Bottled Bread
5. Rainbow iPhone Case 6. Hand Painted Pot Plant 7. Knotted Necklaces
8. Jersey Knit bracelet 9. Knotted Necklace 10. Paper Plate Clock
11. Mason Jar Pin Cushion 13. Rosette Bracelet
14. Rainbow Linked Necklace 15. Tile Coasters 16. Bookmarks
17. Nested Necklaces 18. & 21. Ruffled Throw 19. Apron and Matching Tea Towel
20. Wooden Bead Paint Dipped Necklace
22. Animal Stencilled Mugs 23. Lace Tipped Scarf 24. Bath Salts
25. Tea cup Candles 26. Reversible Coffee Cup Cosy

Do you like giving handmade gifts when a friend’s birthday comes around?

Amy can be found online blogging at MahliMoo, Me and Three as well as over at And Sew We Craft.
If she is not there she will most probably be wasting time on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. When really she should be either cleaning or creating!

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  1. Kellie M. Mercie says

    Yes! great idea you have many great tips you have .By this i have a great idea to get from you thanks for sharing this .

  2. Ollie says

    I am not very good with crafts and really appreciate it when I get handmade items as gifts. So many great gift ideas you have there, love ’em!

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