6 Minute Tooth Fairy Bag

quick tooth fairy bag

A very excited little boy raced out of class on Friday afternoon to tell me that his tooth was wobbly! The first wobbly one!

Half an hour later as we ate afternoon tea, it came out! He was so pleased – finally! So many of his friends had already lost teeth so I think he’d been feeling a little left out.

The Tooth Fairy visits our place for lost teeth so he started thinking about what he would do with the tooth to keep it safe. Little Miss has a tiny pink tooth fairy bag with sparkly wands on it but I didn’t think he’d want that fabric.

I offered to make a Tooth Monster bag like the ones I had seen on The Long Thread but he just wanted a little bag like his sister. So I looked in the scraps basket and offered a couple of choices. He chose this bike fabric – one of my all time favourites.

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