Rainbow Loom: Bouncy Ball

rainbow loom bouncy ball

These are one of my son’s – aka Mr Happy’s – favourite rainbow loom things to make. He has made at least a dozen and given them to his mates at school. They are little bouncy balls, and are one of the main things that my kids wanted a Monster Tail Loom for. The monster […]

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Rainbow Loom: Pen Accessories

rainbow loom pen accessories

When you love your rainbow loom, you create all kinds of stuff. Stuff that you want to show off! One thing you can do is attach your creations to your pens and pencils.  Or so my kids decided during the school holidays! Mr Happy decided to create not one, not two, but three different accessories for […]

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Rainbow Loom: Penguin Charm

rainbow loom penguin charm

One of the latest rainbow loom creations at our place is this cute penguin. He has attached himself to Little Miss’ clarinet case and makes it super easy for her to tell which case is hers at school when they all look the same! He was the work of an afternoon with the help of […]

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Rainbow Loom: Tangled Garden Anklet

tangled garden anklet

One of the prettiest rainbow loom projects that Little Miss has made lately is this Tangled Garden Anklet. I love the bright rainbow colours! This is a project that doesn’t actually use a loom. You just need loom bands and a hook – even a crochet hook will work – so it might be a […]

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Kids: Lego Marble Run

build a lego marble run

Another fun school holiday craft at our house was this Lego Marble Run! It is like a maze for a marble to roll through. To move the marble, you hold the tray and gently tilt it back and forth so that the marble rolls. It can be quite tricky to get it in the right […]

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Rainbow Loom: Triple Fishtails

Triple Fishtail Loom Bracelet

There has been more and more looming happening around our house with the kids on school holidays and a second loom arriving for my boy. It is so cool to see the two of them engrossed for hours making things! Of course, that has meant we had to find a second box for storage as […]

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Kids Games Craft: Catapults

Craft Stick Catapult

The coolest craft we created at Kids Games last week was a catapult from paddle pop sticks. When I was planning the craft activities, I spent some time looking at all the craft supplies that had been gathered over the years in the cupboard allocated to Kids Games. There were at least 3000 paddle-pop sticks […]

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Kids Games Craft: Joseph’s Coat

gingerbread joseph 4

It is school holidays here and I’m helping out with Kids Games, a holiday program at our church. I’m in charge of organising craft for the kids to make each day – FUN!! Across the five days the kids are talking about the story of Joseph from the Bible. If you’re not a big Bible […]

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Four for Friday – Kid Stuff

four for friday kids

We’re about to start school holidays here in Australia and I know there are Summer holidays in the U.S. so it seemed that “Kid Stuff” was the perfect theme for today’s Four for Friday. Click on the pictures or the titles to see the original posts with all the details, or find more ideas for […]

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