Kids Craft: Egg Carton Bugs

We went to a special birthday party on the weekend. Not 1, not 2, but 3 kids celebrated together with a Garden Party and I was blown away by Mummy T’s creative party skills! Now I know she would say that she is not at all ‘crafty’ but I have to disagree. The creative ideas… Read More»

Lego Zip Line

Need a quick activity for a rainy afternoon? This is it. Make a Lego Zip Line with a piece of string and some simple Lego pieces. The zip line is a piece of string that runs in our case from the back of a chair to the back of the couch nearby. The key is… Read More»

Teaching Kids to Sew

My Little Miss recently got a sewing machine. She had been keen to sew on mine so I felt it was time for a simple machine that she could use herself whenever she got the urge without needing me to supervise all the time. She got a basic Elna machine with a handful of stitches… Read More»

Build Virtual Lego

I recently started using Chrome as the browser on my computer. It is not that different to other browsers – you can view web pages, bookmark stuff, the usual. But it also has extensions and these are kind of fun. Extensions are kind of like apps for your phone. They add extra functionality or make… Read More»

Mini Party Food

My Little Miss had a birthday last week so we’ve had lots of fun planning and holding two parties. One of these was a party for all of our extended family and she decided that she wanted mini party food. With guests ranging from 2 to 80 years old, I always try to have a… Read More»

Peg Angels

Last week while the ladies at my craft group were making Christmas tree tea towels, we had a little group of kids who had already finished up school for the holidays and were tagging along for the morning. The lovely B from BBeingCool was there with her cherubs and she generously volunteered to craft with… Read More»

Possum Morning Tea

Our obsession with Aussie Animals is continuing here at the Crafty Mummy house! (You might remember that I explained about the Aussie Animals cards from Woolworths last week in our Day at the Zoo post.) The kids have been keen to do the groceries (I know – incredible!) just so they can get some more… Read More»

Crafty Kids: Lego Creationary

More Lego. We don’t really need it but the kids LOVE it! This time it was thanks to Aunty J. Mr Happy has a birthday soon so a couple of weeks ago (yes, why wait until his birthday, right?) she gave him a Lego game, Creationary. I’ve looked at the games before but the kids… Read More»