Four for Friday: Quilts

four for friday quilts

I’m in a quilting mood lately. I have ideas swimming in my head and a couple of projects on the go. It has made me keen to dig out some of my unfinished quilt tops and get them ready to quilt! So I thought for today’s Four for Friday I thought I’d share some of […]

How to Square up a Quilt Block

How to Square up a quilt block

In a perfect world, all my patchwork quilt blocks would turn out perfect. Those perfect squares and strips would come together perfectly to make a 12.5″ block with seams of exactly a quarter-inch and I would not have any crooked edges. Unfortunately my quilt blocks don’t seem to have been created in my perfect world. […]

How to Sew a Pillowcase

How to Sew a Pillowcase

Today I’m excited to have Amy from Ladybugs and Daisy chains sharing a tutorial. She has made this cute pillowcase for her son. I think I’ll need to make one for my son now!   Have you ever picked up a fabric and just had to buy it? Who am I kidding. It happens all […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 9

Bock 9 Rainbow Cross Stitch Blocks

I was so determined to finish this last Rainbow Cross Stitch Block that even my broken arm couldn’t stop me! I will admit that my arm hurt a little after stitching, but the physio told me today that I need to try to move it more so I feel totally justified in using cross stitch as […]

ModernQAL Progress

modern quiltalong quilt

A few days before I had my not-so-crafty shoulder injury, I decided to pull out my ModernQAL blocks. You might remember if you’ve been hanging out here for a little while that last year the girls on the And Sew We Craft team decided to have a quiltalong based on this book: We each picked […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 8

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 8

I’m sure I’ve picked a favourite block before but I’m changing my mind: THIS is my favourite block! This is number 8 in my Cross Stitch Rainbow Block series and I love it! Most of the blocks have been based directly on traditional quilt blocks but this block came from my imagination. I started playing […]

Sewing: Kids Medical Sack

Tutorial Sew a Simple Kids Medical Bag

  I’ve always felt pretty fortunate that our kids don’t have any serious medical issues. We have friends who have kids with diabetes, life-threatening food allergies, coeliac disease and more, and I see the amazing parent’s that step up to deal with these illnesses each and every day. I see parents who have to change […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7 Free Chart

Somewhere over the rainbow… your dreams are waiting to be found… Gold at the end of the rainbow… those good things are out there… Rainbow after the rain… no matter what hard stuff we go through, there’s a “rainbow” waiting at the end for us… The concepts associated with rainbows make me smile almost as […]