Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

A couple of years back I made two quilts for two beautiful babies. Their Mums are two of my best friends so quilts were the perfect baby gift. I wanted simple but not too simple and I had found two great sets of fabric to use for them. One was super pretty in pinks and… Read More»

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 5

This might be my favourite Rainbow Block so far I think. I started playing with chevrons but in the end having just one chevron in the block looked the best. Once again the rainbow colours are lovely – although it has just occurred to me: what order do the colours go in a real rainbow?… Read More»

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 3

Yay! The next Rainbow Block is ready to share! This one is not exactly based on a quilt block but it could certainly become an easy block. I took the idea of a quilt block called Chinese Coins and played with it a little. Chinese Coins usually has rectangles of fabric stacked up, sometimes with… Read More»

Cross Stitch: Rainbow Block 1

I pulled out some cross stitch projects recently and remembered how much I LOVE it! I find it very relaxing to stitch those precise little crosses and end up with a picture. My brain started ticking… Cross stitch… quilt along… St Patrick’s Day… rainbows… yes, my brain jumps here and there! But I put all… Read More»