Afternoon tea…

I’ve been meaning to scrap these gorgeous photos for ages but finally got to it over the weekend. I’ve put them on my Everyday Display magnetic board so they are displayed in our kitchen for a while, but they are also the first photos for this year’s scrapbook album. I’ve decided to use the beautiful […]

Thank you!

Look what I won! Thank you so much Sarah Lou at this blog. But I must be strong and make myself finish the 2008 album that I’m working on first – otherwise I’ll never make myself do it!


Gorgeous work from Art by the Inch   I though I’d share some of the wonderful things I come across in the blogosphere, and Wednesday seemed a good day to do it! I started surfing and came across a reference to “Inchies, Twinchies, Rinchies and Moos”. What?! So a bit of research was required and […]

New layout…

I don’t often post my layouts online, being very aware of protecting our privacy. But here’s the one I did this morning. Grandma took the photos of Little Miss earlier in the year, and I love being able to display it for a while on my CM magnetic board.