Fabric Lanyards

Here’s what I’ve been working on the last couple of days: some fabric lanyards for a special order. Each one is different made with various fabrics from my stash. Almost all of these fabrics have been used before in pencil cases or coin purses in my Shop. They were made using the same method I… Read More»

5 Minute Scarf Tutorial

This scarf has got to be the quickest easiest scarf I’ve ever made. Little Miss asked for some light scarves now that it is starting to get warmer here so I picked up some bright light floaty fabric on special a couple of weeks back. After a busy morning I was keen to sit at… Read More»

Back To School Sewing

Here in Australia we’re nearing the end of Winter and school is in the middle of a Term. But I’m aware that many of my Lovely Readers are getting ready to finish up their Summer break and get ready for going back to school. So I thought I’d collect a few of the school sewing… Read More»

Crochet Rainbow Blanket Tutorial

I’ve finished!! I’ve been loving this crochet rainbow blanket as I’ve worked on it. So much so that I haven’t been able to resist sending out updates every now and again on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a soft and snuggly rainbow, and very, very easy. All the rows are the same stitches over and over.… Read More»

Quick Baby Gift – Sheets & Singlet Tutorial

  When it comes to baby gifts, I’m always torn. I love to give toys, especially to new babies without older siblings, but I also love to give something with a touch of handmade about them. One of my first stops would usually be Big W Toys but I recently checked out the rest of… Read More»