Ruffle Scarf

ruffle scarf blue grey

Just when it was getting into warmer Summer weather here in Queensland, we’ve had a cold snap. Perfect timing for me to wear my newest scarf! It was made by a lovely lady from our church craft group. It is beautiful! I’d love to share more details about how to make it, but, sorry, I […]

Knitting Projects for next Winter

red knitting

A little while ago as it started to get warmer here in Queensland, I wrote a post about the crochet projects I wanted to make before next Winter. Lately I’ve also been seeing knitting projects that I want to have a try at too, so here’s my bookmarking for when the weather gets cooler again. […]

Simple Baby Knitting Patterns

knitted baby leg warmers

Knitting for babies is such a tradition. If baby is born in those chilly Winter months, it makes so much sense to knit for them. Now my knitting skills are limitd. I could probably manage a blanket and a scarf and that would be it. But I know knitters with greater skills than I could […]

French Knitting

french knitting

Last Winter I did a lot of knitting. This year I am working on my ripple blanket which is a crochet project. But I’ve been thinking of teaching my 7 year old French knitting. I remember learning to as a child and it is easier than either knitting or crochet I think. I had a […]

Knitting for Beginners

red knitting

I learnt to knit years ago. My lovely Mum taught me. But when I haven’t done it for a while I need a reminder on how to get started again. A friend of mine commented to me the other day that she’s the same – just needs a little refresher course. So off I went […]

10 Places to Knit in Public


Do you knit? In public? Why not? June 11th to 17th is World Wide Knit in Public Day . Yes, I know. That’s a week, not a day. Apparently you can pick any day in there, you see. Each year since 2005 this day has been held around the world to get knitters together to […]

I NEED a red scarf…

red knitting

…to go with my new-ish denim shirt dress. Really.I need one! So I got out the red fluffy wool and the knitting needles. You can see the progress so far. It’s only 14 stitches wide so it will be super quick. Just the kind of project I like. While I’m writing about knitting, thank you Special Sister-in-Law that sent me […]

My Madeit Store…

I have a Madeit store! That’s kind of like an Etsy store but in Aussie dollars.Madeit stores only sell handmade items. Any suggestions on what I should put in it? So far it only has a couple of scarves but I’m thinking about baby quilts and baby singlets… maybe some card holders… pencil cases and […]

Green Knitted Scarf…

I’m finding my knitting very relaxing lately. This is my latest scarf. Its a mixture of garter stitch and stockinette stitch – random, of course. There are blocks of garter between bigger blocks of stockinette so it kind of rolls on itself. I’m linking to these parties…

Knitting set back…

I often knit at night while I watch TV. I find it relaxing. But the other night, it wasn’t! Somehow the ball of wool ended up all tangled and took all of “Celebrity Masterchef” and most of “Spicks and Specks” to untangle. Not relaxing at all…