Custom Social Media Buttons

social media buttonsRecently I created some extra social media buttons based on the style that came with my theme. They look like these. I’m no expert but if you would like a set similar to mine, I am taking orders.

For only AU$5  you can get

  • Up to 10 buttons
  • Sizes: 40, 45 or 50 pixels
  • Square with a symbol or letter/s
  • Your choice of colours – I can match colours to your blog.

Want something a little different?

Perhaps a different size or shape, or with words instead of just letters? Send me a message with your ideas and we can discuss prices.

Contact me via email here. I accept payments via Paypal.

Once your buttons are ready, I will email them to you. It usually on takes me a day or so. I have written a tutorial to help you set them up in your blog sidebar: How to add Social Media icons to your Blog Sidebar

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