Last year I wrote a tutorial on using waste canvas to
Waste canvas lookslike Aida cloth but
has adhesive that dissolves when wet
allowing it to be removed once you have finished stitching.
I had been using canvas that I bought years ago
but recently my little stash ran out.
I haven’t been able to find it in the stores locally
but I did find another product from DMC
called Soluble Canvas.
This canvas is like a thin plastic sheet with tiny holes punched in it.
Otherwise it works just like waste canvas - 
stitch your design on a small piece then dissolve with water.
I found it a little trickier to see the holes
but sitting in a spot with good natural light fixed that.
So you’ll be seeing more singlets in my Madeit store very soon!


  1. Rachel says

    Thank you for the great idea! This would be a fun way to add a little label to a quilt, or really anything. I love the idea of a small, beautiful project, quickly completed.

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