How I edit photos in Picasa… Adding a Border

This is the fourth of a series of posts on how I use Picasa.
I’m no expert.
I’ve taught myself. This works for me.
If you have any tips, please share!
My first post was about loading your photos into Picasa,
my second was about cropping your photos,
and my third was about adjusting the colours.

Adding a Border… 
I use the Collage function to add a border. It’s very quick! A collage is usually a collection of pictures so I’ll explain how to do that too.

Picasa 3
Uploaded with Skitch!

  1. Double click your photo to go to the Edit screen, then click on the Collage button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. There is a roll down menu at the left with a bunch of different types of collages. I use the one called “Mosaic” for this.
    Picasa 3
    Uploaded with Skitch!
  3. One you’ve selected the mosaic option, then look at the other roll down menu below that. It will let you choose the shape of picture you want to work with, also called the “page format”. For a border you want to choose the same shape and size as your photo. I’m choosing the CD square again for mine.
  4. Picasa 3
    Uploaded with Skitch!
  5. Next step is to slide the Grid Spacing slider to the right. The further you slide it, the wider your border will be.
  6. I have a white border most of the time, but you can choose any colour with the background options. If you click on the white box with the dropper beside it, you will get a little pop up menu of colours to choose from, or you can slide the cursor over your picture and choose a colour from the picture. You can even choose to have the image itself echoed in the border if you click use image.
    Picasa 3
    Uploaded with Skitch!
  7. When you are happy click “Create Collage” to save the border. It may take a minute to save.
    Uploaded with Skitch!
  8. If you want to collage more than one image together, it is easy too. Go back to your Library screen and click on one of the images you want. Then hold your CTRL or Command button and click each of the others. They should all appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen where I have written “pictures selected”
  9. Next click the “Collage” button.
  10. Then follow the steps 2 to 7.
    Picasa 3
    Uploaded with Skitch!
  11. Tip 1: The Orientation of a rectangle shape can be changed where I’ve circled two little buttons.
  12. Tip 2: If you don’t like where Picasa has out each photo hit the Shuffle button to change them around. You might try it a couple of times to see all the possible combos, especially if you are working with more photos.
  13. Experiment with the Collages other than Mosaics. I also like the photo pile one. I’ve seen it used with text added later to create captions with the photos or tutorial instructions.
  14. Don’t forget to “Create Collage” to save your work.
Adding text to your photo will be my next tutorial
so stay tuned!
Once again please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments 
and I’ll do my best to help you.

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