Special Stars

Someone very special is turning 40 this week
so I wanted to make them something special.
These little stars start as a strip of paper
with a special message on each one.
Then I used this video to learn how to fold them
(although I remember making these in high school
with the perforated edges off computer paper –
do you remember the paper
with the little holes to hold it in the printer?)
I was inspired by this blogpost at Creative Kismet.
Happy Birthday, Very Special Person!
Wish I was there

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  1. ~rob says

    I, Beth, just found a tiny box of these that I made for my husband (having a hard time switching profiles today!) when we got engaged, oh, 10 years ago. thanks for the video. I could never have done these again.

  2. CraftyMummy says

    I saw yours too, Vanessa! I like the colours.

    Thanks Kelly and Beth (or Rob pretending to be Beth ;o) The video makes them look easy

  3. CraftyMummy says

    Hi Jill, I'm sure I'm showing my age by talking about that computer paper, so I'm glad someone else remembers it!

    Thanks for dropping by, 2:22am! I was just over at your blog recently. Love the Blythe dolls!

  4. frannie says

    i love these, but i cant get them to puff out like that at the end bit, mine just collapse and bend. what should i do?

    • says

      Frannie, I’d experiment with the length and width of your paper strips. Perhaps narrower or longer strips will be easier to get to puff out? Also try using your thumb nail to push the edge in or the sharp edge of a ruler. I’m sure once you get the hang of it you’ll find them easy.

      • frannie says

        oh thank you, they are a lot better now :) i have been using strips of magazine paper, and they work really nicely, and you get bits of writing and other interesting colours and stuff like that. you should try it, i loved it :)

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