10 Quilting Blogs I Love

ispy quilt tutorial
Do you read blogs? Yes? Me, too! {surprise, surprise}

Here’s some of my favourite quilting blogs…

Red Pepper Quilts – Love the bright colours

Grosgrain – much more than ribbon

Oh, Fransson! – writes amazing books too

Tallgrass Prairie Studio – modern and fabulous

Amy’s Creative Side – Home of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Stitched in Color – gorgeous use of fabrics and colours

Cluck, Cluck, Sew – beautiful quilts

Film in the Fridge – quilts plus a baby – gotta be cute!

Sarah Fielke The Last Piece – Australian quilter and fabric designer

Patch Andi – Another Australian quilter

I was going to give you pictures but I figure its more fun to click and explore. So get clicking!

Never quilted before but want to give it a try? Chasing Cottons has a fabulous series of posts on all the basics so head over to Quilt Class 101.

Oh, but leave me a comment first… Did I miss any of your favourite quilting blogs? Let me know.

Update: I have written another 10 favourites here: Another 10 Quilting Blogs I Love

Want to try quilting and patchwork? Check out this free Craftsy class to get you started (Affiliate link)

free patchwork quilting class craftsy

more quilting

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  1. says

    I love your blog and your blog list. I’m trying to get the nerve to make another quilt. I’m about to get there with all the inspiration I’ve see on my blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. says

    I have enjoyed your quilting blogs,this my first time and I can see I have a lot to explore . I also love quilting.I have a quilt that’s over one hundred years old. waiting to hear from you. Judy

  3. Tonya Steele says

    Hi. I just found your quilting site. I design and print for sale quilt blocks. However, I could not quilt if my life depended on it! But, I am a willing student. I would love to use some of my quilt blocks to make my own quilt. I will keep watch on your blog. Interesting and I hope to learn!

  4. says


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    We have lots of other things too, but I would love for you to try some of our products. I will send you 1 of each of our products if you would like to try them. Please let me know. Thank You so much, your doing a great job with your page!
    Stephanie Greenidge

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