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crochet ripple blanketI love crochet. Last week I shared my Pinterest board with lots of lovely crochet ideas. (By the way, I love Pinterest, too!) The lovely Kate from Picklebums asked about learning crochet and how hard it might be. It really isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it – like most crafts, I suppose. So I’ve put together a little collection of YouTube clips to get Kate (and you!) started.

Get started with this one – very close-up slow step by step, ending up with a granny square

If you just need a refresher, this one moves a little quicker:

Part 1 – starting, chain and single crochet

Part 2 – various other stitches

Once you’ve got the basics mastered you might want to try a project so here’s some ideas;

Granny Squares

With just one colour…

Changing colours in your square…

There are lots of different granny squares out there so do a search for more designs.

A basic hat


Scarves are an easy starter project. Just create your chain the width you want and go back and forth along the rows until it is as long as you want it. But if you want something a little more tricky try this infinity scarf:


Flowers are another relatively simple thing to try. You can use them to decorate other items, make a garland of them, or make tiny ones with embroidery thread and use them as scrapbooking embellishments.

Here’s one to get you started but search for lots more designs:


I have been working on a ripple blanket using this pattern. But here’s a tutorial for a more basic straight pattern.

You can also make blankets by joining your granny squares.

crochet rainbow blanket

My Rainbow Blanket would be an easy one for a beginner too.

Crochet with beads

There are many more ideas and patterns out there on YouTube and various blogs, but hopefully these will get you started.

This post was prompted by a reader question. If you have a question that you think I might be able to help with, pop over to this post and leave a comment: Ask a Crafty Question

Learn to Crochet online with Craftsy:

Online crochet class Craftsy

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  1. says

    Lovely list of vids there! I was lucky enough to have a mad crocheting grandmother who taught me (and my mother helped too) so I have been a lifelong addict of crochet and am currently into all those little amigurumi toys for my little boy (and much to my relief he loves them – so far!). Am so pleased that crochet is becoming cool again!!

  2. says

    I would love to make ripple blanket like you made someday. I love how it turned out. The colors are infectious and I can just imagine being able to snuggle up in style with it come Winter. I added it to my DIY Daily page on my blog.

    My best- Diane

  3. Helen says

    You would not by any chance have written instructions on granny squares? I love the video but not always by my computer. I have wanted to try granny squares for a very long time but just need very very simple instructions. Not real good at crocheting Thanks

  4. Diana says

    Wow- thank you so much for those amazing videos – I have seen many and just couldn’t get it- I love to say thank you cause you taught me how to crochet

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