Some peeks at my Pinterest board

Pinterest crochet

Pinterest crochet

Pinterest crochetPinterest is an online bookmarking site especially for “pinning” gorgeous pictures. If you’d like an invitation so you can check it out, leave me a comment. If you’re already there, let me know so I can visit your boards!

Note: My Crochet board looks a little different after concerns about copyright on Pinterest.


  1. says

    Oh how I adore pinterest…. I am 100% totally addicted! Totally! LOL
    But on the crochet thing… is it hard?? I can’t knit and don’t have much patience but I think I’d like to learn to crochet… maybe….

    • says

      Not that hard, Kate. Only one hook instead of two needles. I will pull together some Youtube tutorials for you – leave it with me…

      As for Pinterest, yesterday I got to the point where I just had to close the computer and walk away – I had been browsing for an hour!

      • says

        oh thanks so much… I have this idea that my kids would love to play with a selection of granny squares or circles or crocheted shapes…

        And oh how I long for a day, a whole day, with no kids around, where I have nothing else to do but browse pinterest. I think I may need an intervention! LOL

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