How to Store your Fabric Stash

fabric storage antique dresserMy fabric stash is overtaking the room! It started in my cute antique dresser. Then it grew into a couple of extra boxes. Then it grew a little more into a couple of baskets. Now I count at least 5 baskets, 4 boxes and the original drawers! There are piles that threaten to topple over when I move around. There are some fabrics that I’ve washed and some that I haven’t; some that I’ve ironed and some that I haven’t; some that I have ear-marked for a particular project and some that I’ve bought with no plan at all.

Bottom line? I need to sort and tidy and store them all better.

So I turned to my favourite source of inspiration and came up with some ideas.


I like the look of shelves but I think I’d go for glass doors on the front to keep off the dust.

fabric storage shelves buckets

fabric storage shelves

Plastic Crates

These are a cheaper alternative and I like that you can see what’s in there without having to open every one. Plastic drawers would do the same job. I saw some at the Container Store.

fabric storage plastic boxes


Drawers work well to keep off the dust. My fabric in drawers is folded and stored sideways (like in the crates above) so that I can see what’s there.

fabric storage in drawers


I have solid boxes in my room which I can’t see into easily. This is a clever box though with slots for CDs – or fabric!

fabric storage box


This would be a great way to see what you have at a glance. For a quilter, it would serve as a way to match fabrics too.

hanging fabric on a wall

This file type hanging system is very clever! I can imagine it on wheels ready to slip under the desk when you don’t need it.

hanging fabric storage

Folded or rolled?

Most options I found had folded fabric, but rolling fabric onto cards or just into rolls looks great too.

fabric storage on cards

fabric storage rolled labels


I have my scraps currently in an open basket. These pockets hold ribbon scraps but I can imagine this idea working for fabric scraps, sorted by colour into the clear pockets.

fabric scraps in pockets

Small boxes within drawers keep small scraps sorted in this dresser.

fabric scraps in drawers storage

Now that I’ve found all these great ideas, I just need to get organising!


Maybe I’ll just finish this cuppa… and check my email… and…

Tell me: how do you store your fabric or other crafty supplies? Do they threaten to take over the room?

Note: Each image links to it’s original source so click each one to see the original.


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  1. says

    Beautiful storage ideas – thanks for sharing!

    My fabric is stored in see-trhough plastic drawers, batting in normal drawers. Scraps are sorted in to strings by length (15″+, 6-15″, -6″0), pieces, crumbs and triangles. The strings are kept in three separate plastic containers, the pieces in a drawer, the crumbs and triangles in 2litre icecream containers. Threads are stored withtheir matching bobbins in a see-trhough plastic case bought for that purpose. Needles, threaders, pins, scissors,etc. are kept within reach of the sewing machine but are properly stored in a sewing box (again see through). Balls of wool yarn, sorted by colour, in see-through plastic drawers; acrylic and cotton yarns in labelled (in pencil so changes can be made) cardboard archive boxes. Embroidery threads in numerical order in two plastic boxes made for that purpose. Acrylic paints and brushes ina plastic tool box. Dyes in a cupboard on the back verandah (with vinegar, salt, etc). Enough? LOL

  2. says

    Wow that is some serious organizing. My fabric is in large see through plastic bins on shelves in the garage it’s a pain when I have to go look for stuff, I have to move the bikes and the lawn mower and all kind of wood and stuff my husband piles in front of my shelves. Maybe I should bring some of it inside.

  3. Cara S. says

    I love how many ideas you have for storing fabric and staying organized. I think it is best to use air tight containers or even vacuum bags.

  4. Mackenzie says

    Such tiny amounts of fabric! I mean, overall, quite a lot, but so very little of each. Most of the “fabric organizing” tips I’m seeing online are from people who don’t appear to ever buy more than a yard of a single type of fabric. I’m trying to store things like a bolt of linen, 7 yards of damask, 5 yards of wool, etc.

  5. Judy says

    What size clear plastic boxes work best for say a yard to five yards of material of lots of different colors folded and irons ?

  6. dixie says

    I really like your great ideas for organizing the sewing room. The best for me is the VERY CLEAR plastic boxes. Please tell me where I can buy them! My boxes are hazy not clear like yours/ My studio is in another building so my fabric must be enclosed. Thanks for all your good ideas!

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