Simple Baby Knitting Patterns

Knitting for babies is such a tradition. If baby is born in those chilly Winter months, it makes so much sense to knit for them. Now my knitting skills are limitd. I could probably manage a blanket and a scarf and that would be it. But I know knitters with greater skills than I could make booties, hats, jumpers, dresses and more. So in the hope of bridging that gap in skills, I’ve been looking around for some easy baby things to knit. Here’s what I have found.

{very cute top and pants with frills}

knitted baby top shorts frills

{baby size bunny}

knitted rabbit tutorial white baby

{cute baby jacket}

baby jacket knit

{baby leg warmers from the purl bee – so cute!}

knitted baby leg warmers

{organic cotton wash cloths}

wash cloth knitted cotton

{forever baby blanket from the purl bee}

chunky baby blanket knit brown

{baby mittens}

knitted baby mittens pink

Do you knit baby gifts? Do have any suggestions to add to my list?

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  1. says

    Hats are really not that difficult to make and are really great items because most babies don’t have much hair to keep their heads warm.

    • says

      Yeah, my first baby was Summer but Number 2 got some cozy warm things. These days I’m thinking more of gifts.

      PS I read about your fabulous verses about Givinya – clever girl!

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