5 Things I want to Crochet next Winter

This Winter I picked up my crochet hook for the first time in a few years and I found it really soothing. So as we go into Spring I’m thinking about projects for next Winter. Maybe if I start early…

{Click on the pictures to see more info}

crochet shawl

{gorgeous shawl made using a huge hook}

hexagon crochet grey blue red

{Love the colours in these hexagons – maybe my next blanket?}

girl's poncho crochet

{something cute for my Little Miss}

rainbow crochet blanket

{something with rainbow colours – nice bright one like this!}

crochet shrug brown

{I suspect this one might be beyond my skills but isn’t it lovely?}

Do you plan projects ahead of the season you want them? Or leave them to the last minute like me?

I think I’ve spotted some knitting projects too…

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  1. says

    Hello again!
    Wanted to let you know I have made that kids poncho and it is pretty easy and cute (you can find it on my blog under ‘yarn’). Would love to make another one as it was a gift. Like you I also find that I make something and once it’s finished I want to do it all over again! Being a blogger though it’s better for me to try something new. I am also working on a ripple blanket made up of rainbow colours. I can’t remember when I started (probably a good thing) but it was so long ago they don’t even sell the yarn at Spotlight anymore. Only 8 more bands of colour to go! So near but yet so far. I keep finding more exciting projects to start!!
    PS thanks again for your comment yesterday. It’s all fixed now!

    • says

      My biggest problem is finding newer more exciting projects I want to try, so I understand the unfinished ripple blanket. I started a second smaller one but I’ve already put it aside in favour of a shawl.
      PS Glad to help

  2. just sean says

    I would love the pattern for the Rainbow Blanket? with the granny squares at the ends of the rows. When I click the photo, all I get is the photo. It is lovely and bright… could I please have the pattern? Thank you, sean.

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