Beaded Wreath Tutorial

A few weeks ago I shared this wreath tutorial over at Just Made That Way. With Christmas just around the corner, these are a great way to keep the kids busy and you could use them as decorations on gifts too.

These are quick and easy, and a great craft for the kids. You could hang them on the tree, use them as a decoration on a present, or give them as gifts to teachers or friends.

What you’ll need:

  • beading wire – about 25cm – I used 24 gauge but slightly heavier would work too
  • assorted beads – I used 7 red & 7 green plastic tri-beads plus 28 little gold round beads

What to do:

    1. Cut your wire to about 25cm and band a little hook in one end (so those beads don’t fall off!)
    2. Start threading on your beads. I alternated red and green beads with two gold beads in between them, but you could choose any colours.
    3. Once your beads are threaded, twist the wire into a circle. (Make sure you’re happy with the size. Add more beads if you want to.)
    4. Slip the long end of the wire through the little loop and make sure the circle of beads is tight. Twist the wire a couple of times to secure it.
    5. Make the long end into a loop to hang.
    6. You could add a ribbon bow or make the wire short and tie on a ribbon to hang your decoration if preferred.

I’m a novice beader but these are easy enough even for me!

Do you bead? Any tips for projects to tackle next?

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