Books! Books! Books!

I LOVE books! Really. I do.

I have been known to buy craft, sewing and quilting books a few at a time. (Shhhh… don’t tell CraftyDaddy!)

When they arrive (usually from Fishpond) I leave them on the kitchen table where I can flip through them again and again when I sit down with a cup of tea mostly admiring the pictures and debating to myself which project to try first.

Reality, however, is that they usually then go onto the book shelf with the others. The practical side of me tells myself that I should at least finish one half-done project before I start a new one. So months later I think of that new book again and still haven’t started something from it. {sigh}

This whole cycle is not helped by popping over to Fishpond every now and again just to drool at the new releases. Here’s the collection I found tonight…

Carefree Quilts: A Free-Style Twist on Classic Designs

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect FittingAll Sewn Up: 35 Exquisite Projects Using Applique, Embroidery, and More

Sewing in No Time: 50 Step-by-step Weekend Projects Made EasyBags: The Modern Classics: Clutches, Hobos, Satchels & More With Patterns


The Granny Square Book: Timeless Techniques and Fresh Ideas for Crocheting Square by SquareSeamless Crochet

Teach Yourself Foundation Piecing
Does something take your fancy? I love the detail on the cover of All Sewn Up, and I already have another Cath Kidston book so I know that one would be lovely. Ahhh… books…

Note: All of these are Fishpond affiliate links so you can just click through to read more about them.


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    I buy mine, a few at a time, from the Book Depository; and like you, there are many that I have not used as more than coffee table books!

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