How to Finish Crochet Blankets

red orange crochet rainbow blanket

It’s been a big week here with our Paper Plane Party and a school disco on top of the usual after school routines. But each evening I’ve looked forward to sitting and working a little more on my rainbow crochet blanket. I decided to go with very simple, but I’m already thinking about whether to add an edging once it is finished.

So I’ve been looking at edging tutorials to finish my crochet blanket and just had to share them with you. All of these include tutorials to make them.

double v edging crochet

{Double V Edging from Bunny Mummy}

scallop crochet edge tutorial

{Easy scalloped edging by Olav’s World}

crochet scallop edge pillowcase

{This edging is on a pillowcase but it would also be lovely on a blanket from You Go Girl!}

bobble edge crochet tutorial

{A cute bobble edging from Heidi Bears}

I think the hardest questions when the time comes for my edging won’t be the design, but what colour? My blanket will be a rainbow so what will I edge it in? Oh, well, plenty of time to think about that!

crochet edge tutorial

Learn to Crochet online with Craftsy:


more crochet


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  1. says

    now, this had me wishing I paid attention to my dad when he was teaching me how to crochet and knit! thanks for this fab tutorial. I am totally pinning and stumbling this. I can’t wait to see what you have for this week!


  2. Wanda Baucom says

    Finally, I found you edging that I want to put on my DIL’s afghan I am making her. SHH! It’s a secret!

  3. Kamama says

    Am making an afghan based on a pattern called Corner Granny Afghan where you begin with a granny square then work “granny” rows in different color bands along only two sides of the piece. Since the bands are different colors, how do I sc an edge around the finished piece without “interrupting” the color pattern (especially along the bottom edge where the granny square begins the afghan) or having to end off each color & attach a different color yarn to sc the edging on each color band? IDK if my question makes sense so I guess what I’m asking is how to finish the edges of a piece with several colors? What color edging did you finally decide to use on your rainbow afghan?

    • says

      I think you could create a “frame” all the way around in a single colour – perhaps your favourite from the blanket – to finish it off. If you try to incorporate all the colours it is going to be very tricky and time-consuming.

      I didn’t end up doing any edge around my blanket, but I did see one by another reader who did a couple of rows all the way around the outside in each colour from the blanket, creating a rainbow border.

      The corner granny design sounds lovely – I’ll have to add that to my “ToDo” list!

  4. Marina says

    Hi, I am learning how to croche and I am working on a project with back loop squares. However, I still have a hard time to finish the border round. Do you have any tutorial that could help me? Thanks!

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