Quilting Tip: Binding

pegs for quilt binding

I can’t remember where I picked up this clever idea, but the humble clothes peg can be very useful when you are stitching your quilt binding.

I machine stitch my quilt binding onto the front of my quilt. Then I flip it over and hand stitch it to the back to create a neat finish.

As I’m hand stitching, I use three pegs. Why three? Habit! Two would work just as well, or you could use lots and peg around the entire quilt if you prefer. I just use three.

I fold over my binding then peg it into place with my first peg. Then I keep folding the binding further along in the direction I am going to stitch and add the next peg about 7cm away from the first. I do the same with the third peg.

Then I start stitching.

When I come to my peg, I fold over the next section of binding beyond my last peg and move my peg to hold that section.

The pegs hold the fabric ready to sew which makes the stitching easier.

I have seen the same method done with large hair clips, normal pins or special Dritz Quilt Binding Clips.

pegs holding quilt binding

How do you hold your quilt binding?

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  1. Jess says

    Oh I love this idea! I just pin it but it never seems to hold as well as I would like.

    Btw, yours is the first IBOT post I read cause I saw the word quilting, and I have sitting on my kitchen table, a whole bunch of beautiful material ready to be sewn but first I must read blogs!

  2. QuilttemplatesM says

    Great idea! When I did my two quilts that I’ve done, I used straight pins, and they weren’t always easy to put in or to move. Big ugly fingers I guess!

  3. says

    I hadn’t thought of clothes pins for binding – great idea – I use hair clips and as I have a lot of them I will keep using them – I like you use about 3 at a time and just keep moving them along.

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