Back To School Sewing

back to school sewing

Here in Australia we’re nearing the end of Winter and school is in the middle of a Term. But I’m aware that many of my Lovely Readers are getting ready to finish up their Summer break and get ready for going back to school.

So I thought I’d collect a few of the school sewing projects that I did earlier in the year and last year for my kids to get ready. You’ll find that many link to tutorials or posts with more information to help you get it all done quick and enjoy those last few days of holidays.

chair bag tutorial rainbow

Chair Bag Tutorial

Pencil Case Tutorial (over at And Sew We Craft)

Bonus: Pencil Case Size suggestions in this post: Coin Purse Tutorial

Art Smock from a Men’s Shirt

 school head phone bag

Zippered Pouches for Head Phones

bag tag flower sewing

Bag Tag Tutorial

 library bag school

Library Bag Tutorial

 face washer dinosaurs tutorial

Face Washers

 sheet bag library school kindy

Sheet Bag

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