Sew a Reversible Wrap Skirt

wrap skirt reversible tutorial

Over at And Sew We Craft, we’ve been having a skirt sew along. We chose to make this reversible wrap skirt and planned to each share our skirts last week. You can find the Skirt Tutorial and Pattern at Craftzine.

I had good intentions of doing mine last week but somehow the week just got away from me!

So I was deteremined to at least get started today. Once I started, I got on a roll and here’s my skirt, ready to wear.

I used an embroidered denim on one side and a cotton floral print on the other side. I didn’t have any ribbon and I had a sick little girl on the couch so I decided to make my own waist band.

Make your own Waist Band and Ties

You will need 10.5″ of fabric. Cut it into 3.5″ strips across the width of the fabric.

Join two of the strips end to end and iron the join flat.

Now you should have one long strip and one short strip.

making skirt waist ribbon

Iron the long strip in half lengthways with wrong sides together.

making skirt waist band

Open the strip up again. Iron each edge in towards the middle about 1cm or half an inch.

making ribbon for wrap skirt waist

Fold each end in 1cm or half an inch as well.

making skirt waist band

Fold the strip back in half and it is ready to attach to your skirt. Pin it in place. Start at one end and stitch the end closed. Then pivot at the corner and stitch along the rest of the strip, attaching it to the skirt as you go. At the other end, stitch the end closed.

finishing waist ties

Iron the shorter strip in the same way as above to create a folded strip with the edges folded in. Cut it in half and fold the ends in. Now you have two short ties.

Attaching the Two Short Ties

I found it a little confusing to work out where to attach these two ties so here’s what I did.

I wrapped the skirt around myself with the denim side out and pinned one short tie near the side seam so that it would tie nicely. Then I flipped the skirt and wrapped it with the floral side out and pinned the second short tie near the other side seam. I attached each tie on top of the waist band strip with a rectangle and a cross design for extra durability.


ties for wrap skirt

You can find some more pictures of my skirt over at And Sew We Craft.

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