5 Minute Scarf Tutorial

scarf tutorial

This scarf has got to be the quickest easiest scarf I’ve ever made. Little Miss asked for some light scarves now that it is starting to get warmer here so I picked up some bright light floaty fabric on special a couple of weeks back. After a busy morning I was keen to sit at the sewing machine for a few minutes and get creative.

The result? A scarf for Little Miss and a scarf tutorial for you!

What You Need:

  • 30cm of soft floaty fabric (like chiffon)
  • sewing machine and usual sewing supplies

What To Do:

  • Fold your fabric in half lengthways with the right sides together.
  • Pin in place.
  • Sew across one end and along the long side.
  • Optional: Zigzag the edge or trim with pinking shears to tidy the edge and stop fraying.
  • Turn through.
  • Press gently with a warm iron, tucking in the open seam.
  • Sew across the open edge to close it. You could hand stitch this end if you don’t want the stitching to show.
  • Optional: Top stitch the other end to match.


  • For a longer scarf, join a second 30cm piece to the first before you fold and stitch the scarf.
  • For a narrower scarf, use less than 30cm.
  • You may need to change to a smaller needle than usual for the lightweight fabric. I used a size 80.

and sew we craft together

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