Fabulous Spring Shoes

blue flower shoesI sent out this picture on social media last night asking what people thought I was drawing on. Apart from the clever Jamie from the CRAFT blog on Twitter, there were lots of ideas but no correct answers: bag, paper towel, hat, couch, ball, canvas, rug, tea towel. Some of these might be my next project but this one is how to draw on shoes!

shoes drawing flowers

I recently bought very cute emerald green and cobalt blue jeans for Spring and I’ve been wearing them with some black Converse type shoes. But I had also been wanting to play with the Stained Permanent Fabric Marker pack from Sharpie that I picked up. So I bought some white canvas shoes from Kmart for a bargain $4.50 and set to work.

draw on shoes

The pens were so easy to use. They are brush tip and don’t need to be set in any way – just draw and you’re done. I drew flowers and leaves for a classic Spring look, but I have seen stripes and chevrons on shoes that looked great. I also coloured in the stitching line.

personalise shoes

All up it took me maybe half an hour in front of the TV and I can’t wait to wear them to a birthday party tomorrow.

(That reminds me! I’d better get on with sewing the present!)

Here’s what the pens look like. They are available online at Fishpond – click on the picture to see more.
Stained Permanent Fabric Marker, Assorted, 8/Pack

Other projects you could use these pens on:

  • tote bag
  • T-shirt
  • apron
  • pencil case
  • placemats
  • table cloth
  • rug
  • wall art
  • shorts or jeans pockets
  • sunglasses case
  • pillow cases
  • toys
Although it might sound like one, this is not a sponsored post. I bought the pens and just wanted to share how much I loved them. The links to Fishpond are Affiliate links.
and sew we craft together

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