Rainbow Bangle

rainbow yarn wrapped bangle

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the bangle that I made by wrapping embroidery thread around a wooden bangle. It was something of a Craft Fail! I wasn’t happy with the sealant I used because it soaked into the threads and took away their lovely sheen. This rainbow bangle is my next effort.

rainbow yarn wrapped bangle

When I made this bangle with some rainbow yarn, I decided not to seal it at all. I don’t think it will stand up to years of wearing but it is soft and textured which I like. The yarn is a variegated yarn called Manor by Moda Vera. My Little Miss originally chose it for a scarf but so far the scarf hasn’t appeared so I decided to use a little for this project instead.

rainbow yarn wrapped bangle

Once agin I simply wrapped it around and around until it covered the wooden bangle underneath. I secured the starting end with some double-sided tape and secured the finished end on the inside with some Fray Stop. This is usually used to stop the ends of threads from fraying but it is basically glue so it has adhered the end nicely.

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  1. Julie Coppleman says

    Am enchanted with your site – I needed to make some Christmas bunting and your instructions make it so easy – thank you!

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