Wrapped Bangle – Craft Fail

embroidery thread wrapped bangle

I was going to share my new craft tutorial with you today – a wrapped bangle in cool blues and greens.

But after spending a couple of hours waiting for the paint to dry, I’m not happy with the result at all.

Craft fail!

bangle wrapped embroidery thread

I started with a wooden bangle from Spotlight. I spent some time beside the swimming pool the other afternoon wrapping it with embroidery thread. I used double-sided tape to adhere the ends and created a nice ombre effect with blues and greens.

The finished bangle was a lovely glossy look. Love!

But the ends weren’t going to stay stuck for long so I decided to paint it with clear lacquer to adhere the ends and make it more durable.

craft bangle wrapped in thread

Unfortunately the lacquer has soaked into the threads causing them to shrink slightly and not cover the bangle as well as they did, and the thread has lost its nice glossy shiny surface.

So now I’m considering another layer of embroidery threads.

But I need your advice:

What should I finish it with that will still be shiny but also create a surface that will hold the threads in place and protect them? Any suggestions?

bangle wrapped in thread


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  1. Jess says

    Hmmmm. Theres something I use called gel medium on my scrapbookinb canvases. I painted over photos, paper and all sorts of bits and pieces with it, and it sets like a glue, but is still glossy. You could try that?
    I do love the look of this though. So pretty!

  2. says

    Personally I love it just as is – it makes it obviously home-made not machine-made – and that’s a great thing!
    I’m not sure it is a craft fail; once it’s on will anyone but you notice the ‘errors’?
    You could try something all together different – I did a bangle wool wrap, but then added a beaded “fancy-thing” onto it so that it acted as something of a distraction; straight away the other issues just disappeared:

  3. says

    oh, I was so glad to see you had a craft fail! you could try mod podge gloss (which is probably what the first commenter is talking about)

    But I want to know where you got the bracelet, cause I need a pile of them for gifts.

    • says

      I’m not sure I should be saying thank you that you’re happy to see have a craft fail, but I kinda thought you might be! I usually don’t share the fails you know {wink}
      I found the wooden bangles at Spotlight in the jewellery/ beading section.

  4. says

    What about dimensional magic (I think it’s called something like that) that I’ve seen used when they coat handmade key rings and stuff? It should give it a thick gloss layer. Love the blue/green colour combo!

  5. says

    I wouldn’t try the Mod Podge it will leave it tacky if you don’t use the Paper one and will take for ever to dry, and any little bit of moisture will make it tacky again. Try the Gel from the first comment – it’s under the Gel’s and Premires for Canvases, I can’t find my bottle right now to give you the exact name – but I’ll keep looking.

  6. Sonia Barton says

    Not an expert I’m just like you play with lots of different crafts, but I do know my fabric and fibers very well. I still didn’t find my canvas gel primer – I don’t work tomorrow I’ll go to the art store. The reason that will work better is that it’s already ment to go on a fiber and shouldn’t shrink your yarn.

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