Button Christmas Trees

button christmas tree tutorial

Christmas and buttons. Two of my favourite things! So I’ve combined them for a new tutorial: Button Christmas Trees. These are quick and easy enough for the kids to make. I can imagine a whole forest of them on a shelf!

What You Need

  • about 11 green buttons of various sizes – I found some with only one hole in them but any buttons would work
  • 1 small wooden cotton reel – I bought a packet of these from Spotlight. They are about 1cm tall.
  • 1 star bead
  • 25cm beading wire – mine is 24 gauge

button Christmas tree tutorial

What To Do

  • Thread the wire through the star bead
  • Fold the wire so that the star is in the middle
  • Lay out your buttons, smallest to largest
  • Thread the smallest button onto your wire first, and work your way down to the largest
  • Thread the cotton reel on as well
  • Split the wire and wrap one piece around each side of the cotton reel
  • Wrap the wire round itself between the last button and the cotton reel a couple of times to secure it
  • Trim off the excess wire
  • Flatten the wire at the base so your tree will stand up

button christmas tree tutorial


  • Use a mixture of light and dark greens for an interesting look.
  • Match your tree to your Christmas decor – silver and blue, red and green, or white and red are popular.
  • Instead of cotton reels, you could use a couple of small buttons in a contrasting colour.
  • Add a loop of ribbon to hang them up.

Have you started Christmas crafting yet?

I’d love to share some of your favourite Christmas projects. Drop me an email: Tonya {at} thecraftymummy.com with a link to your Christmas craft blog posts – from this year or precious years!

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