I Spy Quilt Tutorial

ispy quilt tutorial

My kids each have a quilt that sits on their bed and this is the one that I made for Mr Happy. It is called an I Spy Quilt because there is a collection of novelty prints that encourage kids to look for things or play “I Spy” with it. It is bright and colourful and fun. I made it a couple of years ago but I thought I’d share the pattern. I used a dark navy print between the bright blocks, but this would also look good with a solid colour for the strips or white strips. The strips at the top would also look great in the favourites of your novelty prints or even a border print.

Finished Quilt Size: 121cm x 170cm  (47.5″ x 67″)

What You Need

  • 30 x 8.5″ (21.5cm) squares of novelty fabrics
  • 130cm (50″) dark print for strips
  • 50cm (20″) bright yellow for tiny squares
  • Note: I also used the bright yellow print for binding my quilt which would require an extra 60cm of fabric

ispy quilt tutorial

What To Do

  • Cut each of your 30 squares in half to create triangles. Lay them out and decide where you want each one. There are 6 rows of 5 squares. I created a couple of diagonal stripes using lights and darks. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, join the triangles to make squares again.
  • Cut your dark fabric into 2.5″ strips. Then trim some of the strips into 7.75″ segments. You will need 49 segments.
  • Cut your small squares – 2.5″ x 2.5″. You need 20 small squares.
  • Lay out your squares, segments and small squares. Join them in rows, then join the rows.
  • Add a dark 2.5″ strip around the outside of the whole quilt. Join strips to get the length.
  • I added some extra strips at the top of the quilt to make it closer to single bed size. The two yellow strips are cut at 3.5″ and the wide dark strip is 5.5″. Measure the width of your quilt and join strips as needed.
  • Finish your quilt with batting and backing, quilting, and binding.
  • Don’t forget to add a label.

i spy quilt tutorial

General Patchwork Tips

  • All my seams were quarter of an inch
  • Press seams as you go
  • Accurate cutting is really important – best to use a rotary cutter and cutting mat.

i spy quilt tutorial

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  1. Iris says

    That is the best I Spy Quilt I have seen, and I can’t wait to make it, hope it turns out as good as yours.

    Thank you for your free tutorial.


  2. clare macuirles says

    I love my messy sewing room and do lots of quilts and other sewting stuff. love all kinds of informative tutorials…………thanks for sharing this colorful and fun quilt.

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