Weekly Calendars

weekly boards with paint chips

Sometimes I come across an idea and I just have to try it. These Weekly Calendars made with paint chips and picture frames were one of those ideas I couldn’t resist when I started seeing them on Pinterest. I use an online calendar these days that I can access on my phone as well, but there is something about having information right there on the wall that makes it easy to see in my morning rush and the kids can read it too.

I already had the perfect spot on our kitchen wall with my previous dry erase boards. I decided to make three – one for This Week, one for Next Week, and one for Every Week.

The next step was to gather all the supplies:

  • paint chips
  • picture frames
  • paper trimmer
  • glue
  • picture hooks
  • white board marker

weekly boards with paint chips

My paint chips are from the Taubmans range at Bunnings: Red Glow, Tiger Eyes, Retro Gold, Twisted Lime, Mariner, Vintage Purple and Presden Lass. Don’t you love paint chip names?!

taubmans rainbow paint chips

My frames came from The Reject Shop, and my hooks are removable ones from 3M because I can’t be bothered waiting for Crafty Daddy to be at home to help me hang things.

weekly board with paint chips

Once I had everything, these only took half an hour or so to put together. I trimmed the names off the tops of the cards with a scrapbooking paper trimmer. I took the matboard out of the frames and flipped the backing sheet to use the white as my background. I glued all the paint chips in place then put the frames back together. I thought about writing the days of the week above the chips, but decided instead to put all the writing on the outside of the glass with a white board marker. These will wipe off just like they do on a white board. I have found that lighter colours and not too much pattern makes the writing easier to see.

How do you stay organised?

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  1. Megan says

    A year since you posted this, but I’ve just recently discovered it so I did it today. I’m so stoked, it looks awesome! (Although not quite as neat as yours … I gave up on measuring the gaps between cards etc and just eyeballed it, so they’re a bit uneven haha!)

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