Christmas: Girl’s Skirt

girls skirt Christmas

I came across this skirt the other day in Little Miss’ room and it got me thinking about clothes for Christmas. I made this skirt a couple of years ago for her. It was one of those last-minute things – cute fabric, easy tutorial (thanks to Melissa Goodsall) and half an hour of free time. Mel called it the Lazy Days Skirt and it was one of those girl’s skirts you can make without really thinking too hard – add the feature strip, fold over a casing, thread elastic, easy!

So it was a “lazy day” of sewing for me.

But it was also a “lazy day” when she wore it. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are extended family days for us. We go to church, open presents, all pitch in to make lunch, play games, catch an afternoon nap if we’re lucky, and pull out the leftovers for dinner.

I’m starting to look forward to Christmas… and some lazy days!

What does your family do on Christmas Day?


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