Cross Stitch Owl Ornament

cross stitch owl ornament

I finished another little project this week – probably because it was so small and quick! This owl ornament was another find at The Haby Goddess. I decided to stitch it with Christmas colours to hang it on our tree. I try to make at least one new ornament for the tree each year.

I used DMC threads in 987 (green) and 498 (red). I used two strands folded in half to create 4 strands as I stitched. This let me start my stitching without knots. The owl comes with a piece of pre-cut adhesive felt to cover the back and hide the stitching once you are done. I’ll add a ribbon to hang it when we set up our tree.

cross stitch owl ornament

My Tips

I started out trying to stitch this owl with 6 strands of thread and I tried to create a star for the eyes. (Check out the evidence on Instagram)

I broke a needle. I know. Not good.

The thread became too dense in the centre hole of the eye to get the needle through without breaking it.

The second time I started stitching the crosses on the back of the owl instead of the front. I was tired. Also not good.

So just a couple of things I learnt along the way!

Do you have handmade ornaments on your tree?


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  1. says

    I love it! I don’t have many handmade ornaments on my tree. Just cheap ones as they often get taken down and thrown around! As my boys get older I hope to make it a bit nicer and have some handmade and special keepsakes!

  2. Kel says

    This is too cute! I do have some handmade ornaments and I usually do some styrofoam balls with the girls each year. I’m going to check out these wood ornaments, so gorgeous!

  3. Ana says


    I found your post and bought some kits, but I am having problems with the thread discolouring, from the wood. Did you have this problem or did you clean the wood in some way prior to stitching?


    • says

      Hi Ana,

      I didn’t notice any colour from the wood with mine but my colours were fairly dark so perhaps it just didn’t show up. I wonder whether a good rub with a soft cloth would be enough to remove any excess colour before you started? Or perhaps you could use a paint of some kind to seal it first? It might be worth asking the question of The Haby Goddess as she did have these in her shop – she may have some tips.

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