Mini Bunting Tutorial

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mini bunting tutorial

Last year I made Christmas bunting from fabric when I missed out on buying the special printed panels in stores. This year I grabbed the panels as soon as I spotted them! Then inspiration hit and I decided to make mini bunting this time. It may ultimately end up draped across my kids’ bed heads, but for now it is in our entrance way. Here’s the Mini Bunting Tutorial so you can make some too.

Christmas mini bunting

What You Need

  • Printed bunting panels (or make your own triangle shapes – see how in this tutorial)
  • Ribbon or bias binding tape
  • Usual sewing supplies – thread, pins, scissors, pinking shears, etc.

Christmas mini bunting tutorial

What To Do

  • Cut out all the bunting triangles – I use a rotary cutter and mat, but scissors would be fine too.
  • Cut each triangle into four smaller triangles like the picture above. I lined mine up on the cutting mat and used the markings to cut across the centre to make one triangle at the bottom. Then find the middle mark of the top edge and cut from that middle mark to each bottom corner to create three more triangles.
  • Match all of your mini triangles into pairs, wrong sides together. Keep in mind that if the fabric is directional, some will have the pattern upside down. I just planned to have the upside down ones on the back.
  • Stitch each one together down each side about 5mm from the edge. I went down one side from the base to the point, then pivoted the triangle with the needle in the fabric near the point before sewing up the other side. I didn’t stitch the bases closed because my binding will cover that edge in the end.
  • After sewing the triangles, I used pinking shears to trim a pretty zig zag edge.
  • Join the triangles to your ribbon or bias binding tape. My bias binding was only 12mm wide so rather than folding it in half (as I would do with wider binding) I pinned all my triangles with the base tucked into one fold of the binding. (See the photo here) Then I used a zig zag stitch to sew straight along the length of the binding.

tutorial mini bunting

Hanging Your Bunting

Each year I have wanted to hang decorations on this lovely feature wall we have at our front door. But I didn’t want ugly hooks there all the time. So when I got the chance to try out some new Command Clear Hooks from 3M, I knew this would be the place to try them. I must say I’m really happy with the results!

I used the small size below called Mini Hooks that holds up to 225g and was small enough to fit onto the few flat parts of the feature brick work. The adhesive is clear as well as the hook itself, so they are barely visible from a distance. Best of all, I can remove them after Christmas and just buy extra adhesive strips to use them again next year.

I must admit I am a bit of a fan of 3M Command removable hooks. I know others who have had trouble removing them from their walls, but mine have always come off perfectly leaving no marks or holes, and I have reused many of them. I used some to mount these Rainbow Notice Boards and one high above my daughter’s bed to hang her pink faux mosquito net. We hang a wreath on our front door which has a glass panel for Christmas, so I have put a big clear hook there for this year which will much less noticeable than the white one I used last year.

Just like traditional picture hooks, the larger hooks can take more weight, and you can pick them all up from most supermarkets and other retailers starting from as little as $6.99. (Yep, that was a little ad in there, but I know you want to know!)

Now that I have few of these left over to play with, I’m considering hanging Christmas lights out on our deck. But I’ll have to get over my fear of the ladder first!

Command clear hooks 3M


I have five 3M Product Prize Packs to giveaway, each worth $36.35, so over $180 in total prize value. Each prize pack will include the entire 3M Command Clear Hooks Range:
– Mini Hooks
– Small Hooks
– Medium Hooks
– Utensil Clips
– Decorating Clips

To Enter:

Tell me your favourite Christmas decoration and where you would hang it with 3M Command Clear Hooks. The five most interesting and creative answers will win the prize packs. EDIT: Please leave your comment on this blog post to enter – just scroll down to the end of the post where you can add a comment

The Fine Print:

  • Only one entry per person
  • You must leave a valid email address for me to contact you for a valid entry
  • Only open to Australian residents – apologies to my overseas readers
  • Entries open with this post on Saturday 10th November and close on Monday 19th November 2012 at 8pm Brisbane time
  • The five winners will be chosen by me from the valid entries and announced before 21st November. (If you want be the first to know, I suggest you look for me on Facebook and Twitter) but of course I will email the winners.
  • If the winners don’t contact me, after 7 days I will choose a new winner.
  • Once I have been in contact with the winners, I will pass on their details to Digital Parents Collective so they can contact you and arrange to send you your prize
  • I can’t take responsibility for any issues in the delivery process

So start thinking Christmas decorating and enter now!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for 3M via Digital Parents Collective. I received some product to review. As always I am sharing my honest opinions. 


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  1. says

    Susan emailed this entry to me: I think a sprig of mistletoe should be Hung at every doorway ensuring many a perfect Christmas kiss.

    Thanks, Susan!

  2. Leanne V says

    I have a wonderful star banner that I have made, each star has a letter that spells Merry Christmas. This needs some gret little 3M hooks to hang it above a doorway to greet all.

  3. says

    I have a wonderful banner that I like to hang above our stairs and usually use 3M hooks. I also hang the decorations the kids make at school around the house. I must get some more hooks before they start coming home…!


    We moved into an old house last year and for some reason there are sliding doors on the bedrooms. I had to use a clear command hook to hang a door handle santa decoration because my daughter and I waited and waited for Daddy to change the door to a hinged door so she could have a door handle but it didn’t happen. Thanks to the command hooks I was able to solve the problem! The good news is a hinge door was fitted last week…….only a year late! I have also used the hooks on the ceiling to hang mobiles, butterflies and flowers. This Christmas I will be using them to hang bunting (lots of it), a framed christmas scene made from cutting out a silhouette and backing with contrasting paper, some yarn wreaths and I am also going to use the tabs on there own to hang a mdf merry christmas and some reindeers and sleighs. Everything else will be hanging from the tree or elsewhere. I am also making a christmas village, some bendy santas, a table runner and placemats, advent calendar and my dauhter will be making some button christmas tree ornaments…..and the list goes on! Probably a bit ambitious but I have already started with the handmade gifts so all is looking good. Ijust love Christmas!

  5. Stacey-Lee says

    Nice bunting, I made my first one earlier this year (from cardstock and ribbon) for a friend and am late to the whole bunting love party but will definitely be making a Christmas one. Will have to get a hold of those clear 3M hooks, they would look a lot better than the white ones I use. Had some cheap imitation ones I used to hang our lights on the pergola last year (my favourite Christmas decoration is lights) but they didn’t hold up very well

  6. Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me says

    (not entering the giveaway!) LOVING the bunting, Tonya! I received some Christmas fabric from Spotlight. I can’t sew to save myself. But I think I might just be able to make this :) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Susanne Griffiths says

    Well Tonya, I love the idea of removable hooks for hanging all the Christmas decorations! I use the Command hooks for hanging pictures, all sorts of things in the bathroom, my hair dryer included, calendars & notice boards etc. but I simply had not thought of using them for this purpose. This year, I too am on the bunting wagon. Only last week I watched your tutorial from last year and have just made a string of nine large flags. I’m going to make the smaller ones as it will give us more flags using the same amount of material and it will make the string longer I’ll be able to use them to go across the room. Using the Command hooks will make it so much easier to take down afterwards. Splendid idea! Happy Crafting Everyone, Susanne.

  8. barbara woods says

    i have a out house santa, yes he is sitting in the outhouse with his list and i would hang him on the wall so little fingers wouldn’t tear him up

  9. Beth T. says

    My mother made a lovely angel wallhanging for me to take to work, way back when. It was just the kind of thing a mom would do: she cross-stitched, and embroidered, and sewed an elegant Christmas decoration so I could have something beautiful at work to hang on the ugly gray wall of my cubicle.

    My mom is gone now, and I no longer work. Now the angel would hang not on an office wall but on the wall of my sewing room. I miss my mom during the holidays most of all–she died at Christmastime, and her birthday is right around New Years, so it’s all quite bittersweet for me. Having a reminder of how she tended to me, and how creative she was, hanging in the room where my creative endeavors take place would be a source of holiday happiness.

  10. Dawn says

    Hi Tonya, I love your Mini Christmas Bunting and I’m sad that my living in America keeps me from entering the contest. However, I love the fact that the 3M Clear Hooks can hold up some fairly heavy items, and my husband is glad they can even hold up some of his tools. Thank you and have a very good day!
    ~ Dawn ~

  11. Amy says

    It is my 2 year olds first Christmas at day care. So I am looking forward to decorating with lots of Christmas crafts! Judging by the other holidays through the year there will be lots.

  12. says

    I have lots of favourite Christmas decorations, because I love Christmas things! My all time favourites are probably advent calendars (because I love compartments, containers, boxes and nooks and crannies), and I have at least three completely different ones. Last year we had a few extra advent calendars in the house as I came up with an idea, using every day materials (and a bit of bling!), to create advent calendars, so of course, all the children (4) wanted to make one too! Hanging up 7 or 8 advent calendars on the walls around the house really does require removable hooks, and I’ve been itching to try the 3M ones out… and I think they would be perfect! I will be posting a free tutorial on how to make the advent calendars on my website, in the next week or two, so pop on over for a visit!

  13. says

    I made my first christmas bunting last year, was just thinking this morning that soon it will be time to get the box out and how lovely it will be to see all the decorations again, especially the home made ones and their memories. My little girl was only 1 by last christmas, this year she is a proper toddler and will have a little sister just a few weeks old to share christmas with this time. These hooks would be prefect for re-hanging my bunting above the bookcase and I plan to make some more if time permits in the next week or so before the baby comes – it will go along the top of our old-fashioned dresser, a purchase made eariler this year which is going to look great (well, I hope!) with old-fashaioned home made christmas bunting :)

  14. Kerry Williamson says

    these Buntings that you have made up.. they look SO easy and I have never made anything like this before, so that would be the Christmas project and it would hang SO nice on a side wall in our lounge/entry area

  15. says

    I love your bunting! The colors are so pretty. Thanks for the great tutorial, too! I want to make one of these. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! I am so thrilled to have you! Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS

  16. Linda McDowell says

    Hang up 24 little baby socks (with a little treat inside each one) that are numbered 1 to 24 to use as an Advent Calendar!

  17. says

    I think hubby might be happier if I use these instead of drawing pins everywhere! I think they would look great with some lights and Christmas cards!