Ballerina Doily

embroidery ballerina

In the midst of tidying up my linen cupboard, I came across this lovely ballerina doily embroidery that I just had to share. I made this when I was much younger – maybe in the first couple of years of highschool, so about 12 or 13 years old.

embroidery rose satin stitch

I think the kit was by Semco and came with all the threads and the chart of colours and stitches. The design was printed on the linen and the edging was finished so I just did the embroidery.

embroidery ballerina stem stitch

The needlework is nowhere near as fine as Mum’s, but I’m pretty impressed with my own skills back then. I’m not sure I could recreate it now!

embroidery flowers lazy daisy

Embroidery like this is a bit of a dying art, I fear. I remember my grandmothers and my mum always having doilies similar to this on their dressers but they are not as popular now. I wonder whether it will be another craft that will come back in style one day?

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    Your embroidery was pretty good back then Tonya. What a lovely design. My mother and I stitched some Semco embroidered doilies when I was young too and I’m lucky enough to have a collection that both my grandmothers stitched. They are precious.

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