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If you’re a Google+ user, you may have noticed some new things over there: Google+ Communities. These are kind of like groups on Facebook and I love groups on Facebook so I thought I’d set up a couple of communities to learn more.

One thing I like is that these communities can have categories for the posts. This means that if you are writing a post you can choose a category to add it to within the Community, and if you are looking for something that someone wrote, you can look in the category to find it quicker. This is a great addition as I often find myself searching for information someone has shared in a Facebook group but can’t find it again.

I’d love you to join me!

Crafty Mums Community G+

There is a new Crafty Mums community for anyone crafty to share ideas in. This is a public community so anyone can join and see the chatter.

Aussie Bloggers Community G+

I’ve also set up a closed community for Aussie Bloggers. This was partly to see how private communities work differently to public ones but also to make it more specific. Only bloggers from Australia can join this one.

 So pop over to Google+ and join in!


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