Email Tip: Don’t forget to Read it Again

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I read email on my phone. A lot. It’s great!

But sometimes there are emails that I need to read again so I can deal with them properly from my computer. Perhaps I need to click on a link to read an article, or process an order from my Shop, or I just don’t have time to answer fully while I’m out and about.

How do I remember to read them again?

I mark them “Unread” so they look like new emails in my Inbox.

The Unread emails appear at the top of my Inbox when I check my mail on my computer so I never miss reading them again and dealing with the contents.

How to Mark an Email as Unread

I use Gmail, but most email programs I’ve ever used have a way to mark emails unread so if you use something different, have a look for “flag” or “mark”. I’ve taken some screen shots from my iPhone so you can see what I’m talking about.

Open the email you want to mark unread. At the bottom of the screen look for the Flag symbol on the left hand side. Click the flag.

 flag email as unread

Three buttons will pop up from the bottom of the screen. You can choose to “Flag” the email, which in Gmail will put a star next to it. You can choose “Mark as Unread” which will then make it look like you haven’t read it yet. If you hit the flag by mistake or change your mind, you can choose to “Cancel”. It is that easy!

how to mark email as unread

Do you read email on your phone while you’re out and about? How do you make sue you don’t forget to read things again when you need to?

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  1. Yvette @ Little Bento Blog says

    I often read emails on my phone or fb msgs and forget to go back to them when im on my computer :)
    good tip to remind myself to mark as unread!

    #TUST :)

  2. Johanna at ZigaZag says

    Great tip! I always star mine, but then have so many stars that I forget to go back to them. This will jolt me out of my inertia :)

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