Kids: Beaded Angel Necklace

beaded angel necklace

One of our greatest discoveries in our local area has been the beading shop that runs classes for kids in the holidays. Not far from us is a place called Danish Flower Art. It is a little cluster of buildings outside Highfields that includes a coffee shop and a shop that sells beads and beading materials of every possible description, gourds and various other gifts and jewellery. One holidays, my friend Anna (also famous over at for Anna Says) invited my daughter to take a class with hers and a group of friends. The girls made pretty bracelets, fully supervised and assisted by the store staff. The extra younger children played in the sandpit and rode the bikes provided in the grassed area between all the buildings. My friends and I sat under the trees and drank coffee and chatted for an hour or two. It was marvellous!

angel bead necklace

This holidays we’ve been to two classes, the second of them this morning. Just before Christmas the girls made beaded Christmas star decorations. Today they made necklaces that I just had to share. My Little Miss chose aqua beads, her current favourite and matching the dress she was wearing (of course!). This clever double necklace has one strand of tiny beads with flowers in between at regular intervals, and a second silver chain as well. The focus is a cute angel made from an upside-down heart-shaped bead, some wings, a pearl for the head and a round “halo” bead. Just above it were a few letter beads to spell their name as well.

beaded angel necklace aqua

The clasp is perfect for little girls, the type with a ring and a toggle, which research tells me is a “toggle clasp”. This one has a pretty rose on it. The girls loved their necklaces – and I might have to steal this one occasionally as well!

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    This is such a sweet necklace! I’ll have to find a class for my daughter, she’d love to do something like that! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

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