Kids: Butterfly Necklace

butterfly necklace beaded ribbon

This is another holiday project from my Little Miss. When we went to the Danish Flower Art shop earlier in the holidays for her to do a class making an angel necklace, we bought a couple of kits to make this butterfly necklace. Their kits are great. They include all the beads, ribbon and fixings plus instructions to create each project. We bought two in this case knowing that at some point we’d have a play date with Miss E. These two are friends from school and despite not being in the same class for the past couple of years, they have maintained their friendship outside  of school – perhaps because Miss E’s Mummy and I get along so well and encourage our kids to spend time together with holiday play dates!

So the girls were quite excited to make these necklaces (once they had had enough of dancing in the bedroom!)

beaded butterfly necklace

These were a little more tricky than some of their past projects. They had to wrap the wire around the butterfly shape and thread beads onto it as they went along so that the beads created the colours in the wings. Very pretty once it was done but a little hard for small fingers. Then it was a case of threading all the bits together and adding the clasps. I love that I learn how to do beading things by helping with these kits! I had not used the end crimps before so now I know how.

If you’d like to make something similar I have collected some of the fixings in this widget which take you through to Amazon for some shopping. (Note: these are Affiliate links)


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