Simple Boy Crochet Blanket

boy crochet blanket

Finished! Finally!

I’ve been posting glimpses of this blanket on Facebook and Instagram for months now so I’m excited to have it done. I started it last year thinking that I would sell it in my shop, but my son quickly decided that he liked these colours and has been calling it his blanket, so I don’t think it will make it to any shop! It is lovely and snuggly, and the timing is perfect as we’ve had some colder nights again lately.

It is based on the same pattern as my Rainbow Crochet Blanket Tutorial which is very easy. This time I only used three colours – navy, lime green and a neutral stone – and varied the width of the stripes randomly. Some stripes are wider or narrower than others, but each end has an extra wide stripe of navy. I’ve decided to leave it without edging so it is just simple.

blanket crochet navy lime

Stats for those who want to know:

  • Rows: 155
  • Stitches per row: 152
  • Time per row: 9 minutes
  • Total time: about 23 hours
  • Size 4.5 crochet hook
  • Yarn:  8 ply acrylic
  • Finished size: 110cm x 125cm

Here’s how the rows were made up:

  • Navy: 16 rows
  • Stone: 10 rows
  • Green: 10 rows
  • Stone: 7 rows
  • Navy: 7 rows
  • Green: 12 rows
  • Navy: 5 rows
  • Stone: 8 rows
  • Green: 5 rows
  • Navy: 13 rows
  • Stone: 13 rows
  • Navy: 3 rows
  • Green: 9 rows
  • Navy: 3 rows
  • Stone: 9 rows
  • Green: 9 rows
  • Navy: 15 rows

navy lime green crochet blanket


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  1. Diana says

    Hi Tonya, thanks for sharing your boy blanket with us, it is sooo nice & you have given me the new colors for my next project. Keep up the good work you are my inspiration. Best wishes diana …………………

  2. Gretchen says

    I’m making one almost identical for my Seahawks loving great nephew! I’ve added a fourth color, a slightly darker gray, but am using the grays for accent and showcasing the lime and navy. Glad to see someone else loves the colors :)

  3. Allie says

    I’m wanting to make a blanket like this for my baby sister’s first birthday. What type of stitching did you do for this? I love your blanket and colors by the way!

  4. Allie says

    Thank you! I think I’m going to do gray, two different pinks, and maybe a pastel yellow or purple. I’m still trying to find the right material and keep changing my mind on colors lol

  5. amber says

    I’m starting this blanket now! Its such a lovely blanket! What I would like to know is if you hdc in the first stitch or do you skip it and hdc in the second one. This is the first time I’ve done a hdc so I’m not sure. I did look up a few videos on it. There are ones where you hdc in the first stitch and then there are ones where you skip the first hdc and hdc in the turning chain at the end of the row. So I’m not sure which way you used and i was just wondering. Thanks :)

    • says

      Hi Amber,
      Personally I HDC in to the first stitch of each row so that I have the same number of HDC in every row. This helps my blanket stay square. I also make sure I do those couple of chain stitches at the end of each row before I turn to that the edges don’t curl.

      I’ve not tried it to see but in my head I imagine that if I skipped the first stitch in each row, then my blanket would gradually get smaller and smaller as each row would get shorter by one stitch.

      I hope that helps,

  6. Amika says

    I love it! I need to make a blanket for my 4 year old as he starts preschool- So he can have a small piece of home during nap time. This is it! It’s lovely and the stitch is not too feminine. Looks very durable too. What brand of yarn did you use? Also, what is the name of the lime green?
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful color combo.

    • says

      I wish I could tell you, Narelle, but I didn’t write down how many skeins I used. I know a similar blanket I made used around 30 balls of yarn – the 50g balls. I hope that helps.

  7. Lisa says

    I’ve picked out almost identical colors for this project. We’re BIG Seahawks fans here and this is going to be my gift exchange item for our family Christmas party. I can’t WAIT to see all my big lumbering brother-in-laws fighting over who gets the blanket! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  8. Emily says

    Hello. This is a great blanket pattern. I was wondering how I would go about changing it to make a blanket for an adult.

    • says

      Hi Emily, if you start with the longer row, then just keep adding rows until it is as big as you want, then you can make this blanket as large as you like. Thanks for asking, Tonya

  9. sherry berger says

    I am new at crocheting. I made a blanket for my great grandson, my first project. I started it in the late fall to have it for winter, but I kept getting uneven edges, bad enough that I would start over….8 times I started over. But now I am done. The blanket is a lime green and I would like to do an edging that is not girlish but have not found one. Any ideas…oh and did I say and “easy to do” edging? Love your blanket and I look forward to leaning from you..

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