Mini Clipboards with Washi Tape

mini clipboards decorated with washi tape

I couldn’t resist these mini clipboards. So cute!

I had been thinking I needed some organisation near my desk (where I’ve been trying to create a place to work rather than at the kitchen table or on the couch). I want somewhere to have ideas and planning right there in front of me. These mini clipboards will be perfect! I imagine clipping up little notes and lists, snippets of ideas that inspire me, and reminders of things I need to get to.

mini clipboards decorated with washi tape

These A5 size Masonite clipboards were only a couple of dollars at Officeworks. They needed a little “pretty” though. I’ve been waiting to use some washi tape I bought recently from Stash Creative Supplies. This was my chance.

mini clipboards decorated with washi tape

I could write you the tutorial but, really, take a look at the pictures and have a go! The washi tape is so easy to work with. If you put it in the wrong place or a little crooked, just peel it back off and try again. I wrapped one end over the edge and over to the back of my boards. The other end is just torn, but you could cut it in a cute V-shape like you often do with ribbons.

washi tape stack red black white birdcages

Look out for another washi tape project tomorrow on And Sew We Craft, and if you are looking for washi tape for your projects, make sure you check out Stash Creative Supplies.

stash creative supplies

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I paid for this washi tape. I just wanted to give Stash a little plug because the service was fabulous!

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  1. Stacey-Lee says

    Love washi tape and its versatility! I may have one or 8 of those little clipboards in my stash to beautify :)

  2. Mary Preston says

    I’ve seen Washi Tape around, but I’ve never used it. I can imagine all sorts of ways to use it though.

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