Crochet Infinity Scarf

crochet infinity scarf

This is one of those special scarves that looks tricky but is really very easy to create. It uses only two different crochet stitches and variegated yarn to get beautiful colours without changing yarns all the time. It is a crochet Infinity scarf, so-called because the loop has a twist in it like an infinity symbol. It can be worn as a long loop or wrapped twice to be a warm muffler. It is super snuggly so I’ll be wearing this one on the side of the soccer field this season.

crochet infinity scarf

What You Need

  • two 100g balls of variegated 8 ply yarn – mine was Cleckheaton California 100% wool in a colour called Ocean
  • 6.00mm crochet hook (U.S. size 10/ J or U.K. size 4)

As with all crochet projects, this scarf would work with different yarn as well. This yarn is a nice thick soft one with a lovely mix of colours, but you might use a plain yarn or change colours as you go along, or try something light and wispy instead. you may need to choose a different size hook with different yarn. There are probably guidelines out there, but I tend to crochet a few rows and see what I think!

crochet infinity scarf

What To Do

  • Chain 36 for the base row – this gave me a width of 29cm (11.5″). You could do more or less if you wish.
  • Turn and treble stitch into the 4th chain. Treble into each chain along the row
  • Turn and chain 1
  • Single crochet into the top of each treble along the row
  • Turn and chain 3
  • Treble crochet the next row, then turn and chain 1
  • Single crochet the next row, then turn and chain 3
  • Keep going alternating treble and single crochet rows
  • I continued using 2 balls of yarn until my scarf was about 130cm (51″) long


Instead of joining the scarf ends to create a flat loop, I turned one end so there was a single twist in my scarf, creating the “infinity” loop. Just lay our your scarf on the table with the ends on top of each other at one side. Then lift the top end and turn it over so there is a twist in the top piece.

There are two ways you can join your scarf:

  1. I joined my scarf with the last row of crochet. As I crocheted that last row, I put the hook through the stitch and then through the corresponding stitch on the other end of the scarf, then pulled the yarn through both layers.
  2. Alternatively, finish off your crochet then sew the ends together with a yarn needle and extra yarn.

crochet infinity scarf

Not sure how to crochet? Want to learn? Check out these tutorials: Crochet for Beginners

Do you wear scarves? Have you got a favourite one that you’ve made or bought?

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  1. Mary Preston says:

    I have a lot of scarves and when I remember I actually wear them. This scarf is gorgeous. It looks so warm – in every way.

  2. This looks great! I need to learn how to knit a little better. I’m a very beginning and have made a scarf but so many more amazing things i there i want to give a go ;-) Might try out this project soon. Thanks for linking up, Bec from

  3. This I will try, thank you.

  4. If my hand ever gets better, this will be my winter knitting project. (I had a carpal tunnel op). I love the look of it and it is so practical to wear.

  5. Wonderful tutorial! I loved the outcome!
    Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά!!! …while sewing!! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Looks very nice, will try it soon.

  7. Thank you for great pattern .It’s so beautiful………. ;)

  8. Hi, love this pattern. Just checking to see if it is treble as in US triple crochet or is it in US our double crochet? Thanks so much!

  9. Would any variegated yarn work for this? Thank you.

    • Yes, Julie, any yarn will work. Just keep in mind that you might want to choose a smaller hook if your yarn is thinner, or a larger hook if your yarn is thicker.

      The easy way to choose the hook? Crochet a few rows with the hook you think best and if you like how it looks, you’re set! If it seems a bit tight or small, then switch to a larger hook. If you’ve only crocheted a few rows it is quick to unravel them and start again.

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