How to Crochet with Fabric Strips

A reader asked me recently about how to crochet with fabric strips to make floor rugs and other things. These are sometimes known as rag rugs because they are often made with rag fabrics like old clothes or sheets. I have never tried this but I did a little research and put together a collection of blog posts and tutorials that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

crochet with fabric

This post from Linda on CraftSytylish gives some great advice on creating your strips of fabric and then how to work with them.

crochet fabric basket the red thread

Once you have your fabrics ready, Lisa from The Red Thread explains how to make a basic basket.

crochet a rag rug with fabric

Sugar Bee Crafts has a fabulous step by step tutorial for making a rag rug including videos and how to join your strips.

Rag Rug1

The New England Quilter has some suggestion on keeping your rug flat – and her’s looks gorgeous!

crochet fabric purse

Once you’ve mastered the simple rag crochet, this purse from Carla Barrett at Feathered Fibers looks like fun!

After all that reading I’m definitely adding this to my To Do One Day List!

Have you tried crochet with fabric? Any tips to add? Leave a comment.

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  1. says

    I have tried both crochet and knitting with cotton strips, it works out fine but how do you stop all the fraying? It ruins the finished item as the cotton is constantly shedding, looks a mess, makes a mess. Any suggestions?

    • says

      I wonder whether you could “cut” your strips with your overlocker or serger so that you were finishing them as you went? Or could you use polar fleece or stretch fabric that doesn’t fray?

      • says

        That would be too much like hard work and defeat the object of a speedy crochet/knit…lol. I use plastic carrier bags instead, they don’t fray and you use the same principles to cut. haven’t tried the fleece but imagine that wouldn’t fray but would stretch a lot more than the cotton. Endless possibilities :)

    • Ann says

      Apparently to stop the excessive fraying, cut the fabric on the bias. Just a bit more time for a finish that will last longer than 10 minutes.

      I know ripping strips on the straight of grain is faster, but the result is never ending fraying, even with twisting.

      If done correctly, the fabric will fold into itself as you crochet. At least that’s what I’ve read from those who bias cut their fabric. Also may be no need to go to the extra work of twisting the strips.

      For no sewing the strips together, join with the snip and loop technique into the next strip. Or sew the bias ends before cutting. Google that technique.

      I don’t want the frayed look for grandkids or adults to pick at…literally pick at.

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