Wire Ribbon Rose Tutorial

learn to make rose with wire ribbon

I love it when I have time to create something just by playing around with crafty stuff. This wire ribbon rose is the product of having time to play one day.

I wanted to test adding wire to the edge of various widths of fabric on my overlocker so I tried a few different things and took photos for a tutorial post. At the end of that “playing” I had a bunch of lengths of wire ribbon.

how to make wire ribbon rose

A couple of days later I wanted to wrap gifts with my ribbon for a post over at And Sew We Craft. I tried three ways of wrapping my wide ribbon around my gift and one of them included wire ribbon roses. These photos show you how I created my roses.

how to make wire ribbon roses

How To

  • You need a length of wire ribbon – mine was about 20cm with excess wire at each end.
  • Start at one end of your wire ribbon – any width will work.
  • Fold the end over a little and tuck the raw edge down inside the fold.
  • Carefully wrap the ribbon around the fold keeping the bottom of the rose quite tight but letting the upper edge form loose circles.
  • When you get to the end, tuck the raw edge inside.
  • I wrapped the wire ends together to create a stem.
  • Alternatively you could attach wire for the stem and wrap it with ribbon.

how to wire ribbon roses

Learn to make your own wire ribbon:

wired ribbon made on overlocker serger

See where I used my Roses over at And Sew We Craft:

gift wrap with wire ribbon flowers

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  1. Great tutorial! So easy to make and really cute too!

  2. The ribbon looks so pretty as a gift topper!

  3. Susan Stephens says:

    I enjoy reading your newsletter and your tutorials Keep up the good work

  4. Mary Preston says:

    I love the rose idea.

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