Stitching: Kokeshi Doll

stitchery kokeshi doll softie

A while ago now I made a gorgeous kokeshi doll from a free pattern over at Melly and Me. Little Miss loved it but wanted hers in pink and purple. The end result was a very pretty softie!

I must find the original one so I can share that with you too.

This kind of project is great for taking with you somewhere. It is small and there are only a couple of threads to carry. I often use a ziplock sandwich bag to slip my fabric, threads and a small pair of scissors into my bag. Lately the project in my handbag is my Winter Stitching hexagons – you can catch a peek in this post.

stitched kokeshi softie doll

Unfortunately it looks like the freebie link is no longer available. But Melly and Me have a similar softie pattern in their store for only $4 called Kokeshi Dollies or a whole kokeshi family for only $12. Otherwise they have similar doll in their book called Kaleidoscpoe.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this project and be helpful by telling you where it came from.

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