Rainbow Loom: Easter Bunny

Rainbow Loom Easter Bunny

Little Miss has spent the last couple of days working on a new Rainbow Loom creation – this Easter Bunny.

We had to go searching for extra loom bands in white for this one which took a little effort as this seems to be THE favourite toy among many of our friends this year. We finally found some at our local Wayne’s World store – just a tip for local mums who might be searching too. These are fractionally larger than the bands that Little Miss already had in her collection but still could be combined with the others.

Rainbow Loom Easter Bunny

This was not a project to be completed quickly. Each part of the bunny gets created separately – the ears, the arms, the legs and the body. She tells me that the arms were the easiest bit to make but I know she got quite frustrated with bands snapping when she was making the ears. In the end the body and head section was the hardest to create, she says. She certainly was very happy to get this one finished!

Easter Bunny Rainbow Loom

You can find the tutorial for this Easter Bunny on Youtube:

Plus I have it pinned on my Rainbow Loom Pinterest board.

If you’re looking for supplies and are prepared to wait for online delivery, try Amazon. (Affiliate links)

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