Memory Wire Bracelet Gift

beaded memory wire bracelet pink

This lovely bracelet was a gift for a special lady last week. It is made from memory wire which stays curved in a spiral like this so it doesn’t need a clasp to keep it on your wrist. They are super simple to make. Just curl one end to stop the beads sliding off, then […]

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Beaded Angel Tutorial

heart beaded angel tutorial

  Want a super quick Christmas ornament for the tree or a special gift? This beaded angel is perfect! It uses only a handful of beads but looks so pretty. The key is the large glass heart bead that is turned upside down for the odd of the angel. I’m already imagining a second lovely […]

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Double Beaded Star Tutorial

double beaded star tutorial

I love stars at Christmas! They are perhaps my favourite symbol of the season so we have a bunch of pretty ornaments on our tree that are stars. A couple of years back I made beaded stars and shared them here on the blog. That is one of THE MOST popular Christmas posts I have […]

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Kids: Butterfly Necklace

butterfly necklace beaded ribbon

This is another holiday project from my Little Miss. When we went to the Danish Flower Art shop earlier in the holidays for her to do a class making an angel necklace, we bought a couple of kits to make this butterfly necklace. Their kits are great. They include all the beads, ribbon and fixings […]

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Kids: Beaded Angel Necklace

angel bead necklace

One of our greatest discoveries in our local area has been the beading shop that runs classes for kids in the holidays. Not far from us is a place called Danish Flower Art. It is a little cluster of buildings outside Highfields that includes a coffee shop and a shop that sells beads and beading […]

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Kids: Beaded Necklace

beaded necklace

My poor Little Miss pulled a muscle in her neck. She spent the day yesterday walking around with her head tilted to one side, looking very uncomfortable. Poor thing! She amused herself quite happily with puzzles and games in a sunny spot on the couch for a while. Finally she decided to make a necklace. […]

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Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

blue green beaded bracelet memory wire

Every now and again I get the urge to do some beading. Luckily when I got that urge earlier this week, I had a little kit just calling my name. I bought it a while ago at our local beading store when my Little Miss went to do a kids beading class. (If you missed […]

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Beading Bracelets

beaded flower cuff

A local beading shop runs kids workshops over the school holidays. Little Miss went to one and made a cute flower bracelet. The base is a type of cuff and the flower is a number of layers that sit together. Once they had joined their flower, they threaded tiny seed beads and criss-crossed the sides. […]

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Christmas Bracelet

I’ve mentioned before the lovely beading shop I visit. Last time I was there, supposedly for more Christmas star supplies, I couldn’t walk past the kit for this gorgeous bracelet. It only took me an hour or so to put together and I’m loving the “jingle bells”!

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