How To Troubleshoot your Sewing Machine

How To Troubleshoot your Sewing Machine

Every now and again my sewing machine gives me trouble. It could be skipping stitches or making a funny sound. Sometimes it chews up the bobbin thread or my fabric – GASP! Like all mechanical things it can sometimes need a service rom a sewing machine professional who really understands how it works inside – […]

Teaching Kids to Sew

beginner sewing on paper

My Little Miss recently got a sewing machine. She had been keen to sew on mine so I felt it was time for a simple machine that she could use herself whenever she got the urge without needing me to supervise all the time. She got a basic Elna machine with a handful of stitches […]

Lego Sewing Machine

sewing machine Lego

My kids love Lego! Especially Mr Happy. He could play with it for hours quite happily once he gets started. Little Miss bought herself some of the new girly Friends Lego recently and that has renewed her interest. They often ask me to take pictures of their creations so you may have seen some of […]

Sewing Machine Thread Tips…

Do you have times when your sewing machine thread gets all tangled up?  I know I do!  And usually when I really want to get something finished quickly! Well, I found a helpful blogpost over at The Fabric Maverick that might help you and me out. She has listed a whole bunch of things to […]

Threading your bobbin

how to load pfaff bobbin

My dear friend, Mummy J, bought a great new Pfaff sewing machine, which her very cute son thinks is a coffee machine, tee hee, only to discover that it didn’t have a manual! So here are the photos we took to help her thread her bobbin next time I’m not around. Bobbin casing with the […]

Sewing Machine Mat

sewing machine mat 2

Here’s the other project I finished on Saturday afternoon – a mat to go under my sewing machine with pockets for bits I need as I sew. The fabric is more of the Jelly Roll I used to make my laptop case, mousemat, sewing machine cover, and zippered bag. I’m still LOVING the fabric! The […]